Yellow Valentino costume by Anne Hathaway at the Bulgarian show

Styling a button-up shirt can be difficult, but Anne Hathaway’s outfit at the Bulgari High Jewelry Gala in Paris proves that even the most ordinary piece of clothing can be transformed into a sophisticated masterpiece. On June 6, the “WeCrashed” star took part in the event wearing bright-yellow mini shorts and a floor-grazing collard shirt. Hathaway layers the shirt dress over a pair of sun-yellow shorts, creating a thigh-cutout illusion that gives the impression of her creamy-white pip-toe pump.

With the effortless nail-biting look, Hathaway has finished the assembly with a sophisticated bun, leaving the sleeves of the oversized shirt on his elbow. The vibrant costume, the 11th look from Valentino’s Spring / Summer 2022 wear collection, stole almost all the spotlight – until Hathaway’s submerged neckline revealed a giant diamond necklace. The shiny choker shows a yellow pendant with a diamond string at the base of the Bulgarian ambassador’s neck. At the Cannes Film Festival, the 100,000-carat sapphire hathaway teamed up with her Armani privy dress, denying the subtlety of a common accessory item and turning it into a Peace de Resistance at the Parisian Gala.

During the event, Hathaway also shared a moment of a star-studded photo with Lisa from Blackpink, who wore the monochrome color scheme in a two-piece pink cocktail dress, and Priyanka Chopra, who wore a glittering orange-wrapped rosary.

At the front, look at Hathaway’s floor-length Valentino shirt, and take a closer look at his breathtaking diamond pendant.

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