Yeezy Shield Sunglasses by Northwest

North West makes some pretty convincing Yeezy models, and you only have to look at the brand’s latest social media post to see why. A selfie of West appeared on the brand’s Instagram profile on Sunday, July 29, wearing a large pair of silver shield sunglasses in the brand’s studio. “YZY SPLY SHDZ,” reads the caption, referring to an upcoming launch of YEEZY Supply, Kanye West’s sneaker line.

Kim Kardashian also documented the moment on her Instagram story, showing her daughter modeling futuristic glasses in a black sleeveless leather onesie. During his visit, West showed off his creativity as he sketched some Yeezy designs. He drew two alien figures on pieces of fabric, one of them rocking a pair of dark sunglasses like the silhouette he used to wear and the other sporting what appeared to be a tongue accessory in the shape of a plate. Both sketches feature body braids. Apparently, the young star took after her parents with her budding design skills.

During Paris Fashion Week, West pulled off a bevy of outfits and accessories — from an oversized Balenciaga jacket to a faux-nose ring — cementing her place as a rising style icon, not to mention the vintage cobalt blue pastel jacket she brought back from her father’s archives. brought the steampunk-inspired Jean Paul Gaultier suit he wore to the brand’s show. Although she had the help of stylists for these appearances, West has consistently shown a unique approach to her fashion choices.

Does his recent tour hint at future collaborations with Izzy? While we wait to find out, read on to see the young star in action.

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