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Wolven’s swimsuit line has truly created a splash with its unique prints, stunning colorways and great silhouettes. The line has sexy cutouts and trendy designs, yet it retains that sophisticated and timeless look. In fact, the brand prides itself on putting comfort first with soft, flexible fabrics and flattering swimwear styles for everyone.

The brand is carbon neutral and puts sustainability at the forefront of its mission. The ever-evolving brand uses recycled bottles to create its flexible and comfortable pieces. Also, the pieces are versatile, as most of them can be worn in multiple ways. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. With a quick conversion, you can show different cutouts, necklines, colors and patterns, so that it looks like you are getting your money’s worth.

I tried a one-piece and a bikini up and down the line to test the quality and versatility of the retro swim wear.

A piece of Wolven Onyx cage

The Ulven Onyx Cage One-Piece ($ 148) features a deep V-neckline and a sexy side with side strappy details. I got a size medium. It can go from a full black suit to a contrasting white suit with black straps. It has halter-tie straps on the back of the neck for an adjustable fit. When I saw myself wearing this stunning one-piece, my jaw went down; It’s so flattering. I have never felt more confident and sexy in one piece.

The fabric makes my skin feel ultrasoft and has a velvety texture. It is stretched and flexible, yet it has a slight compression sensation that is recognizable in the right area. As someone with big breasts, 32DD, this one piece is not the most helpful; It does not have built-in padding. However, that contraction helps to lift the area a bit and makes it look worn and flattened. It’s like wearing an online sports bra. I was skeptical of how the white side would fare in the water and to my surprise, it was not transparent, which was a plus. There is a slight difference in tone when the swimwear is wet, but it does not reveal or feel the black shadow at all.

Wolf Harmony Bikini Set

I got a medium-sized Ulven Harmony One Shoulder Top ($ 62) and a small Ulven Harmony Reversible High-Wasted Bikini Bottom ($ 72). Both pieces have a stunning white-and-gray snowflake-like print on one side and a solid white shade on the other. The one-shoulder top has a keyhole cutout that you can wear on the front or back. Bikini bottoms are high-waisted with medium coverage and a flattering high-cut leg.

Felt fit and looked flattering for both pieces. The fabric was super soft and supple with my body. However, the game changer for me was how secure and flattering the one-shoulder top fit in my chest was. It actually matched the size of my breasts and even rested properly on my chest and lower bust. Because of the size of my breasts, I often have to deal with tops that stick out and look like an underbub or a horrible uni-boob. This top, though, was more supportive and felt like wearing an online sports bra.

In the picture, I showed you four ways to wear a one-shoulder top and two ways you can wear a high-waisted bikini. However, you can style it in eight different ways. You can wear a printed top with a solid white top or a printed top with a hard white bottom. You can also style the top keyhole side with printed detailing with printed bottom or solid white bottom with top keyhole side solid white detailing. This is such a versatile and stylish bikini set.

The brand truly lives up to its “Make Sustainability Sexy” identity. Onyx Cage One-Piece is definitely my favorite. I gravitate towards it almost every time I pack for the holidays. The Harmony bikini set is versatile and flattering. With just two pieces, you can create eight different looks. The cutout of the keyhole gives it a sexy touch and one-shoulder vibration. If you want to invest in high-end swimwear that is advanced and trendy without compromising on fit and functionality, then Olven could be your new outfit.

Image Source: Popsugar Photography / Anvita Reddy

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