Why women wear bras and the benefits of going braless

Going braless can feel liberating. Whether you’re working from home, running errands or attending a formal event, shrinking into undergarments is a fashion freedom like no other. And from a styling perspective, you get additional benefits. Perhaps, for example, you chose a strapless top, plunging neckline or backless design. Going braless means you can avoid straps, clasps or underwear linings that affect the visual impact of your look. But you may have larger breasts and feel more comfortable with support. Or you may be small-chested and rely on bras for lift. In both situations, a bra is easier said than done to puncture. Some people, meanwhile, may just be unsure about giving up undergarments altogether. So we’re here to find out the reality of wearing (or not wearing) a bra. We spoke with Eleonora Teplinski, MD, breast and GYN medical oncologist, who revealed whether there is a connection between bras and breast cancer or other physiological risks. Teplinski also debunks myths surrounding infallibility and slouching. He recommends, first and foremost, talking to your doctor about any specific concerns you have.

Stephanie Montes, fashion and beauty editor and founder of Nu, weighed in on the “free the nipple” movement, offering styling tips for those who want to try going braless but don’t want to be completely bare under their clothes. (And he knew—Nu products are regularly sold at Revolve.)

First, learn why we wear bras in the first place, read tips for creating a braless outfit, and brush up on all things brushless.

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