Who will inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s jewels and crown?

Queen Elizabeth II wore many precious gems throughout her reign, but now that she has died at the age of 96, many are wondering where her personal collection will end up. It depends on whether his piece was part of the Windsor collection – passed down through the generations – or his own private collection. The short answer is, her wide range of pieces – which include earrings, necklaces, tiaras – are divided into personal gifts and royal trusts.

She has lent many of her jewels to the royal family over the years, mostly for special occasions, trips and weddings. Meghan Markle wore Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau as a bride in 2018, and Kate Middleton wore the Queen Mother’s Cartier Halo tiara in 2011. However, most of Queen Elizabeth II’s items are in trust for the British throne, with her son Charles III taking over as king.

“She probably wants to pass on items from her personal collection to her loved ones,” royal commentator Josh Rome told the New York Post. “The bulk of the collection will go to Charles – with Camilla as his queen consort – and then Kate, so they may not [have] Something big is left behind [in the will]”

Any members of the royal family who take ownership of Queen Elizabeth II’s estates must pay inheritance tax on them, except for King Charles III, who is exempt. The royal collection contains extensive artworks and is said to have produced over a million objects, some dating back to the reign of Henry VIII.

Ahead, reminisce about some memorable moments when Queen Elizabeth II wore her biggest jewels.

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