What to wear if you have small breasts

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Wearing a short chest can sometimes present some challenges – bras that never fit perfectly and straps that always seem to fall off to name a few – but there are also benefits to being a member of IBTC. For example, you don’t even think twice about being braless. And you can experiment with any kind of silhouette and shape without worrying about too many nip slips. In fact, having multiple options at your disposal can be a key problem: however, how do you narrow it down?

One place to start is texture. Look for pieces around the chest area that feature raffles, bows, or some kind of huge material. You can also choose sleeveless styles – such as high-neck halter tops or one-shoulder blouses – that highlight your arms. Take a hint from Jennifer Lopez, who recently styled a lightweight pussy-bow blouse with a ruffled collar. Other stylish items for people with small breasts to consider: a cropped camisole with a strapless top with a feather-trimmed neckline or a glass fringe embellished with hem.

Another styling tip for small breasts wearing graphic prints and interesting construction details. The Marine Serie Catsuit, seen on Madonna’s daughter Lord’s Leon at Paris Fashion Week, depicts the visual power of a bold pattern. Similarly, check out Megan Merkel’s off-the-shoulder bodysuit at the Invictus Games in April, which draws attention with her dropped neckline pronounced by a textured knot.

For more small breast fashion inspiration, include these styling techniques next time you are getting ready and deciding what to wear.

How to decorate your small chest

Slip on a silky bralette, high-neck top, or any intricately designed shirt that focuses on clothing. The “dress over shirt” route is a simple solution to get the most out of your clothes — a spaghetti strap dress layered over a short-sleeved turtleneck dress with an ’90s inspired look that never fails.

How to highlight your little book

If it’s not your style to disguise your bust area with frills or loud prints, be bold! If you do not feel comfortable removing your nipples, all you need is some boob tape and a breast cover.

Small-breasted friends, keep scrolling to learn more about dressing for your breast size and start shopping with our skillfully crafted picks from all your favorite brands.

Additional report by Sarah Wasilak

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