What to wear for a night out when it’s cold

Planning to go out when it’s cold can be a headache. From styling a new long-sleeved party dress to a mini skirt that still looks good with tights and a jacket, there are plenty of wardrobe issues to consider. How do you show an uncomfortable slip of the foot, for example, without freezing as you walk out the door? How can you protect yourself from the rapid temperature drop while confidently showing off a plunging neckline? Your goal may be to appear uncluttered and effortless, but when the chilly winds start to blow you’ll need to find a happy medium—and that’s not always easy.

The 40 ensembles we’ve collected here provide chic basics for pulling off a task, and they work for a handful of destinations, from restaurants and bars to concerts and clubs.

Whether it’s wearing that favorite slip on a turtleneck or finishing a minidress with tights and Mary Janes, you’re really going to fall in love with this layered addition. Styling a furry coat over your classic skirt set can add dimension to your look, and wearing your leather pants with a long-sleeve ruffle blouse instead of a corset can help you look more sophisticated.

Ahead, browse through examples from feeds of fashion content creators, models and influencers that will inspire a different approach to how you dress for a chilly evening.

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