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Our editors specialize in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and more. We test, try and review countless products to share the best products with our readers and we wanted to make it easy for you to find all the top products – from mascara to skin care, from sofas to shoes and kitchen gadgets to workout gear – we are obsessed. That’s why we’re excited to share more about our POPSUGAR badges, our seal of approval for items we can’t stop talking about.

These badges will appear on some of the products in our post, so here’s a brief overview of what they mean.

Popsugar Peak

The POPSUGAR pick badge indicates that this product is a POPSUGAR editor’s pick. We use them for products. Our editorial team can’t (and won’t stop) buying. You will definitely want to add these suggested products to your list of favorites.

Must have popsugar

The POPSUGAR Must Have Badge is our most advanced seal. We use this badge for carefully reviewed and editor-tested products. So prepare your shopping cart, because you’ll want to pick up these highly curated, editor-approved items as soon as possible.

Popsugar Award

This badge is reserved for a prestigious POPSUGAR Award winner who has been carefully verified by POPSUGAR editors. Not only do we test these handpicked products, but we also vote for them. Want to see what we mean? See the winners of the 2022 Beauty Awards, the best hair of the year, skin care, makeup, perfume and nail products.

Keep an eye out for these on the site, because you don’t want to miss them!

Want to know more about what your brand features and how to use the seal in your products? For more information on how to use a POPSUGAR Editorial Prize seal, please contact Rights Media, a full-service content licensing agency, at [email protected]

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