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People with disabilities form part of the world’s largest minority, but despite the size of the community, these people are often kept out of the spotlight in their respective industries. The fashion industry, with its luxurious runways and coveted exclusivity, is particularly guilty.

“I just love to show people that just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fashion like everyone else,” says Sophie Bradbury-Cox, a disabled fashion content creator from the UK. Instagram stories. Bradbury-Cox, a huge fan of all things rainbow and leopard print, is one of many disabled influencers around the world who are making strides for the visibility of disabled people in fashion, just like models Emily Barker and Aaron Rose Phillip, who worked with the brand Moschino during Fashion Week. Collina Strada and Maisie Willen.

“Every show should have multiple people with disabilities. Designers should include people with disabilities as a norm, not just a one-off, and they should make all their stores, shoots and runways accessible,” Barker told PopSugar. In a 2021 interview.

While much work remains to be done so representation of disabled people on runways and in modeling campaigns is the norm and not the exception, influencers are making their own space for people with disabilities in fashion.

Scroll through to learn more about how they’re shaking things up while showcasing their unique sense of style and calling for representation. If you’re in dire need of fresh outfit inspiration on your Instagram feed, following these guys will definitely help you out there as well.

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