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Thanks to social platforms like Instagram and TickTock, the countless popularity of fashion aesthetics is growing. On the one hand, many nostalgic trends, including Y2K or ’90s grunge, are seeing a resurgence, but they are often given a contemporary twist to match today’s evolving styles. On the other hand, it is embracing new types of aesthetics, providing a wide range of tastes.

Take barbecue, for example. A trend helped start Valentino when creative director Pierpaolo Pixioli unveiled his ready-to-wear collection for the fall of 2022. Catwalk has numerous head-to-toe pink variants, gowns, bags and platform sandals: designs that have ultimately dominated the red carpet style.

In fact, this past weekend, we witnessed a parade of these Barbieco aesthetic costumes by Anne Hathaway and Ariana Debos, among other stars at Valentino’s Couture Show. Yet, aesthetics also keep the red carpet off. Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian and Lizzo are some of the celebrities who made it mainstream, supporting the trend of pink corseted minis.

Also consider the aesthetic rise of coastal grandma. A relative newcomer to the fashion scene, this trend incorporates the mainstays of the easy-going closet that enchant images of life living along the coastline. Ridge Witherspoon, Oprah and Martha Stewart have been announced as Coastal Grandma style icons. And with white button-down, bucket hats and totes of totes, fashion aesthetics is proving its enduring strength.

Of course, you don’t have to follow every trend, but if you’re in the mood to change your rotation, there’s plenty of style inspiration available. If you are not clear about all the different aesthetics, scroll down for a starter list and some aesthetic outfits that you need to achieve trends.

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