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Tori Kelly is a singer, songwriter, actress, author and now sunglasses designer. Her voice, quite simply, is stunning; Her singing has a power and sensitivity that stops you in your tracks, and her songs are personal and poignant. Following “Sing 2” and the recent children’s book “The Curly Girl Blues” (more on that later), Kelly has teamed up with Def Eyewear on a sunglasses collection.

The collection consists of six classic yet eye-catching styles. Some are timeless and versatile, while others are bold with colorful, statement-making and even glittery options. For Kelly, designing sunglasses was an opportunity to express her evolving style while partnering with a brand she has long admired. At Def, every pair of sunglasses sold provides eye care to someone in need.

“This new line of sunglasses represents a new era of me feeling more confident in my skin, having fun with color and fashion, and feeling good, and wanting to celebrate that,” Kelly tells PopSugar. Part of his creative evolution also includes experimenting with a new sound, which he is exploring with the help of producer John Bellion.

Aside from fashion and music, we got a chance to chat with Kelly about the product obsessions currently on her radar. From the item that fueled her matcha habit to the affordable diffuser that helped her embrace her curls, these are the shopping choices she keeps getting.

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