The most comfortable work pants from the Old Navy

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“Work pants” means something different to everyone, especially in the WFH era. To you, this may mean one pair of trousers, but for the next person, high sweat pants are enough. No matter what you think, we can all go for it: your work pants should be comfortable. For example, you should actually wait for them to slip in the morning, especially if there are so many comfortable options on the market. (Lastly, what’s the point if they’re not comfortable enough to last long and feel like traveling longer?)

One of our favorite places to make work pants is the Old Navy, which explodes with budget-friendly, versatile and stylish options. The retailer has more trendy options ranging from styled styles like pixie and trousers for traditional dressers to wide casual cotton pants and linen designs for more casual workspaces. In other words, there is something for everyone, whether you go to the office every day or zoom in from your living room. Ahead, shop for 15 of our Old Navy favorites and finally get a pair of work pants that you won’t hate.

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