The idea of ​​a Father’s Day gift at every price point

Summer night with the boys – we went biking and skateboarding the other night and let the kids stay up late. June is flying by and I’m just around the corner at Oh Man Father’s Day.

While trying to think of gift ideas for Cody, I found some Father’s Day gifts, so I collected some of my favorite, some of my favorite splurge-worthy gift ideas from Amazon, and asked Cody what’s on his Father’s Day Wishlist this year – all prices. There are options at the point where you can find something that works for you or your kid’s budget and things that he or she will use and be excited about.

Let me know if you have any ideas for Father’s Day this year that you’re excited! The more inspo, the better, isn’t it? 3

Nike logo shorts
Basketball sneakers
Unlimited popcorn refill buckets (below $ 25)
Engraved bracelet
Engraved dog tag necklace

Cody’s first on this year’s Father’s Day Wishlist was a new pair of basketball shoes as he uses a lot more of them. He likes the bottom shoes so he likes these LeBron 19 low shoes – bright orange but they also come in black. If your S / O or dad would like a higher sneaker, I’d love this pair. Cody wears this Scott Brass bracelet every day – he wanted to do some engraving with the baby initials and this tie bracelet was already there so I wanted to get him something different and found this engraved dogtag chain necklace. Super minimalist and easy to wear with everything so I think it will become another piece of her everyday wear. Cody wanted this endless movie theater popcorn bucket with free refills (under $ 25) at his favorite theater since we love to watch movies. This is a simple and clever gift idea that any parent will appreciate! In the end, Cody wanted some Nike Dunk because he likes to hang out with kids, and since he’s in Nike shorts, he dropped a hint for a new pair. 3

Ray Bains sunglasses
Gray sweatshirt (under 15)
Power Washer (Sales – 25 +% Discount)
Photo frame (below $ 40)
Cloud Slide (below $ 25)
Electric machine
Compressible ladder
DOLCE & GABANNA COLOGNE (45% off sale)
Shirt button (under 20 20)

I wanted to put together an Amazon Gift Guide from the previous year to try out some of the Cody and put together some really affordable gift ideas along with real choices that would work for any budget. This compressible ladder has a lot of high reviews and it is more convenient to save than regular ladder. Also this power washer (currently selling at 27% off) which Cody has used a ton since getting it. I know we hit it off with Mother’s Day and talked about getting luxury appliances or household items haha ​​so I cleared it with Cody and she agreed that she would love to get both for Father’s Day gifts. These cloud slides (under 25) are a great option for affordable parent-approved gifts! Cody loves her just as much as I love myself and we both wear a ton of them. Also you can’t go wrong with this sweatshirt – it comes in a bunch of colors. We both wear and share the gray gray XL) – it’s very comfortable and less than 15!

Pizza oven
Retro keyboard
Floating golf turf
Required Sweatshirt (under $ 100)
Tom Ford Colon
Pickleable set (below 100)
Cancel the sound of the headphones
Blender and hydration set
Hand held massage gun

I also picked up some splurge-worthy Father’s Day gift ideas. I loved the idea of ​​a pizza oven for the backyard – a fun activity for kids with Cody. I’m also obsessed with the idea of ​​this floating golf turf! We don’t really play golf but I think all my friend’s husbands do, and although we don’t really know what we’re doing, I can see that we’re enjoying hours and hours of competing in the pool. Since Cody likes to workout every day, I thought these items like a handheld massage gun for muscle pain and this blender and hydration set are perfect because he always shakes protein right after. Also, these sunglasses and sweaters from this essential brand (less than $ 100) are a great gift too!

A few more Father’s Day gift ideas are being shared in each price point below – feel free to add more ideas in the comments!

XX, Christine

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