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The days are longer, the UV index is higher and you are ready to start spending more time outside Whether you’re taking your laptop out for work, hanging out in the park, boating with friends, or going to the beach, there’s one thing that can cause our eyes to wrinkle and our skin to turn red: the sun. As much as we love sun and sun kissed skin, no one likes burns (especially on the face). Although sunscreen is a great protector, a sun hat can protect our face, provide shade and add a little style to one.

If you are looking for a packable sun hat that is easy to travel with, a sun hat with a tie to wear on windy days, or a wide-brimmed hat that will give shade to your face and body, a hat is bound to be a choice for you here starting from groovy design cap to visa From style hats to straw hats and more, each hat will go well with your favorite swimsuit and sandals. Keep reading to find the perfect hat that will protect you from the sun and add a little style while doing it.

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