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In 2022, we made our collection of sweatshirts from some old pieces of our closets into old drawers. We have all kinds of sweatshirts that we now wear regularly and we are part of our hoodie. Zip up hoodies, fleece hoodies, graphic hoodies, cropped hoodies, we love them. If you are in the market for a new sweatshirt then we have the best hoodies we can find on the market right now.

Looking for a clever hoodie, there are many reasons to consider. Do you want something cropped, oversized, or fitted properly? Do you want a zip up or a pullover? Do you like sticking with neutrals, or do you prefer a fun, vibrant color? Whatever your choice, we’ve got 12 hoodies you’ll want to keep in your closet We’ve got a look at a cropped two-tone hoodie that’s incredibly cool, a hoodie that’s so soft you’ll never want to open it, and a terry hoodie perfect for summer. Also, we found a cashmere hoodie that is the perfect kind of wearable luxury, and you will be happy to own it. Keep reading to make our selected shopping!

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