The best classic bag under $ 100

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When it comes to our bags, we want pieces that will last and always look beautiful. This is why we like the classic silhouette; Whatever it is, our bags will work with our clothing. It’s virtually science. But, as much as we like elegant bags, we are looking for affordable options that will still amaze us. These 13 picks are all under 100, but you’ll never know by looking at them They look like they should cost at least three times as much and will probably carry a lot of items that are already in your closet. So basically, let’s get shopping.

From classic totes to great work bags and picks that you want to go out with, these bags are nothing to choose from. These are both adorable and affordable, so we just have to pick a few. To be precise, our choice is a black crossbody that costs just $ 20, a monogrammed canvas tote and a straw bag suitable for a day at the beach. Also, there is a pearl evening bag that will go nicely with your black tie evening look. Continue reading to do our selected shopping.

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