The appearance of Kim Kardashian and Jean-Paul Galtier in the Northwest

Moments after Kim Kardashian’s lavish debut on the Balenciaga couture catwalk, the business mogul and his daughter North West Jean Paul Goltier made quite a splash on the couture show. The pair matched the pinstripe tailored silhouette, reminiscent of archival Jean Paul Goltier, as they set out to recreate a memorable 1992 photograph of the designer and his muse Madonna walking side by side at an amphitheater gala, an analogy by Instagram.

The founder of the schemes chose a form-fitting black maxi dress from the collection of Jean-Paul Galtier of Olivier Rousting, complete with a plunging neckline and a beige-colored Trump-Lowell breast cup. The design, which also made an appearance on the runway, suggests the publisher ensemble Madonna once wore to the Benefit Gala. While the superstar kept her breasts in full display, Kardashian simply went for a more silly approach by revealing her cleavage. She styled with a silver tin case choker necklace, a matching silver cuff bracelet, a pair of black round sunglasses and piece de resistance: a fake nose ring attached to a pile of silver chains and attached to her ears. Her tall black and silver metallic platform boots were also perfect in the theme. The West also embraces the Stumpunk style, wearing a similar nose piercing with a matching striped set featuring a button-down vest, beret and tie. Joining the show with her mother and grandmother Chris Jenner, nine-year-old Paris Haute cemented her place as a rising fashion star during Couture Fashion Week.

Near the catwalk, star-studded spectators awaited Olivia Rusting’s guest couture collection for Jean-Paul Galtier. Down the rusting runway, JPG’s Spring sends a parade of men’s clothing inspired by the 1994 collection “Les Tattoos,” as well as several conical bras, matte stripes and corseted silhouettes. She also developed the packaging of Goltier’s perfume tin, transforming it into a strapless gown and mini dress, the latter of which ended with chunky combat boots with a metallic platform. At the front, watch the action of the stylish mother and daughter pair and catch a glimpse of the front row and the new collection.

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