Taylor Swift wears a reflective mirrored gown at TIFF

Taylor Swift doesn’t need smoke and mirrors to make an impression, but she puts them in her wardrobe anyway. All eyes were on the legendary singer-songwriter at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) when she arrived in a full-length gown while she was completely bedazzled by a glittering circular mirror. The nude halter dress included delicate gold coin detailing across Swift’s collarbones and shoulders, and with all metallic finishes, she absolutely glowed on the red carpet. She kept her accessories simple, matching her earrings with the gown’s gold hardware and opting for a copper smoky eye to emphasize the radiant nature of the look.

Wearing a dress made almost entirely of tiny mirrors is a pretty clear indicator that you’re not afraid to look, and with the recent announcement of her upcoming album “Midnights,” Swift seems to be stepping back into the spotlight (not that she ever really left). At TIFF, he screened his short film “All to Well” featuring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien in 35mm, which he wrote, directed and produced. But given the success of the 15-minute film, which recently won the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year, he said he could also see himself directing a full-length film at some point.

“If it’s the right thing, it will be a privilege and an honor,” Swift said during a panel discussion at the festival. “I’ve always wanted to tell human stories about human emotions.” And if her jaw-dropping fashion is any indication, from her starry romper to her crystal nude dress at the VMAs afterparty, she might just be on the verge of her golden age. Check out her mirrored gown in detail below and get ready for more iconic moments from Swift.

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