Sydney Sweeney wore a low rise skirt at the MTV Awards

Sidney Sweeney was spotted on the red carpet at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in the early 2000’s. With “Euphoria” coaster Javan Walton, Sweeney chose a throwback look that ticked all Y2K boxes from the crystallized hemline of her low-rise rhinestone skirt to her cropped white button-up.

To make sure the whole meow meow look was integrated, she matched the fabric of her viral skirt to her shoes, including the chunky bedsold heel and her bra, which shone in the Santa Monica light from under her crop top. For her accessories, she chose shiny Le Vian and candy ice rings. The small leather strap with the details on her buttocks raised the look high enough and the end result looked like she was coming straight out of Paris Hilton’s outfit.

This year, Sweeney was nominated for Best Performance on a Show for her role in HBO’s “Euphoria”. Her character, Casey Howard, has become one of the most controversial of the season, and Sweeney was responsible for maintaining her humanity and highlighting her most important flaws. Now, she enjoys spending time with herself – celebrating big milestones in her personal life, such as her engagement to longtime boyfriend Jonathan Devino. Hopefully, another one will be marked tonight. Check out the front photos to see the details of Sweeney’s amazing Y2K fashion and why she’s the only one who can potentially persuade us to give her another chance.

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