Summer 2022 Q&A – Atlantic-Pacific

Here in the Atlantic-Pacific Ocean every few months I want to collect some new (and a few recurring) questions via comments, email and DM. Today I am answering some of your most recent questions! You can also see old Q&A posts here, here and here, as well as many of my FAQ posts below. If I do not answer your question at this time, please contact!

How do you achieve your lo ban hair? Check out my tutorial here.

What is your daily make-up routine? See here.

How do you get started blogging? Read about it here.

How and when did you enter the fashion industry? You can read all about that here.

Q: What are your favorite places in the Sarasota area?

A: For dinner I like Wayne’s Fish Camp, Shore (both places), Whitney, Spearfish Grill (super casual) and Libby’s! Great coffee spots are Overton and Project Coffee. Want an incredible cheese board with a glass of wine? See Artisan Cheese Company. Although most people go to Florida and want fresh fish, if you are in the mood for more Italians, my favorite spots are Napulé and Mediterraneo. I try to update all my recommendations in the out of office app!

Q: The best ribbed tank and white tea for summer?

A: I actually made a short post here on my favorite ‘Everyday Basics’. This is the tank I like right now – I own both black and white. This is my favorite tea for the summer. It is loose, ultra soft, and has a great open neckline.

Q: Do you have any other work to do?

A: We haven’t * officially * announced anything yet but we are releasing a small but powerful summer capsule I think you are going to love. I’ll share more once we have a firm date in place! In the meantime you can do a little shopping here and here with the rest of the last collaboration.

Q: Do you ever get tired of creating content?

A: I love my job and what I do – and a lot of content creation. Although I wouldn’t say I’m tired of creating content, I burn. As new aspects of social media, such as video and streaming, become more effective, the cycle of content creation has accelerated and become more demanding. While maintaining content that I have always created, such as sites, static imagery, social, etc., it is a balance of accepting new things. I always focus on fashion and styling (so that I never get tired) and I always try to remind myself that the core of my work is fashion and I am always excited about it. So even though I can sometimes get a little burned by the volume, I still love work so much!

Q: Favorite three color combo?

A: The short answer is that they are always changing! At this very moment I would say they are orange and pink, green and blue and black and brown!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Read, run and work on anything related to home. I took a long break from serious reading but came back to it during the epidemic and found it to be a great escape for me. Below are the books I read this year in IMO best to worst order I’m a little behind my goal, but I’m still reading a lot!

Silent patient

Five people met you in heaven

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya

Greenwich Park

Girl on the train


Good night beautiful

If you say

Just one look

Little secrets

Wish you war gone

Perfect mom

History of wild places

Q: A favorite look from the first day of your blogging?

A: Every year I compile a year-end compilation of all my favorite looks and look back at this post back in 2011. I think this era was the peak of weird, colorful, layering blazers and I love to see my 25 year olds experimenting with fashion, taking risks and enjoying themselves. So while it’s not necessarily a look that’s not my favorite – this Atlantic-Pacific period is fun for me to look back on.

Q: Favorite thing you bought recently?

A: These sandals, this fun bathing suit that I wore as a top, and my Dyson replacement filter. Vacuum around the house is one of my favorite things. I vacuum when I need a mental break so I still feel productive when zoning out at the same time. Excited to have my filter replaced this week!

Q: Do you succeed?

A: I would say I’m not too much of a thrifty but I like to do second hand shopping whenever I can. Locally here Sarasota canned ham vintage is great. I bought lots of second hand pieces from The Real Real, Poshmark and Ebay when I was having a hard time finding items online.

Q: Do you have any interesting swimming recommendations?

A: Absolutely! Right now I love Andrea Aimah, Baha’i Maria Swimming, Miguel Coronel and Zara!

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