Stranger Things fan makes an Upside Down Vecna ​​Dress

The “Stranger Things” prosthetics team and Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor behind season four’s new villain Vecna, deserve props for pulling off such an intricate costume. With a face that looks like a figure from a biology textbook, the supernatural entity is terrifying, to say the least, with a humanoid shape, a skull face and tentacles. For some viewers, Vecna ​​is already a source of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas.

“I’ve read several comments about Vecna ​​attending the Met Gala and I would really love to see that.”

Take Alien aka Lai for example. A full-time costume designer and cosplayer from Germany, Lai decided to create an upside-down-themed outfit fit for an avant-garde runway. After finishing the first half of the fourth season and watching a video of Bower arriving in full costume TwitterLai, who has been sewing since the age of 14, quickly set to work combining bubble wrap and recycled plastic to create an equally spooky look.

“[The show’s writers] shared a behind-the-scenes photo and said they made a big part of the Upside Down set using pool noodles, bubble wrap and the like,” Lai tells PopSugar. “A friend of mine just moved and had a bunch of leftover plastic. And bubble wrap, so I thought, ‘Wait, I can turn this into a dress.’

To start, Lai made the bodice out of a thermoplastic modeling material called Worbla. She then used various plastic sheets, bubble wrap, wire and copious amounts of hot glue to create the “vines” running along the skirt of the gown.

“Painting the dress was definitely the hardest and most annoying part, just because the dress is so big,” she said, adding that she used acrylic paint and wood glue to turn the gown into rust red, plum and magenta colors. “I couldn’t use any spray paint, so I had to paint it all by hand using only brushes.”

Photo credit: Sebastian Weissbach

After just two weeks of construction, Lie finished the dress — and a pair of matching shoes — ahead of the fourth season’s second installment, earning high praise from fellow “Stranger Things” fans, some of whom have requested to order their own. . “I’ve read several comments about Wechner wearing it at the Met Gala and I would really love to see it,” Lai said.

Although the design is fairly comfortable, Lai says the bodice is remarkably stiff, making it impossible to fit the garment while wearing it. For now, she’s happy to keep the costume in her closet, adding that it would be difficult to bring to a cosplay convention anyway. “It’s like a giant, wearable sculpture, and I can’t fold it or put it in a suitcase, so I haven’t found a good way to transport it properly yet,” she explains.

With thousands of followers marveling at the gown’s intricate details, Lai is already planning her next “Lord of the Rings”-influenced project: an Eye of Sauron-inspired haute couture dress with a flame chiffon train.

While we wait for her next design, check out the step-by-step process for making this “Stranger Things”-themed Upside Down Dress.

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