Simone Biles wears a 2000s-inspired jersey halter top

How about Simone Biles cheering for you? Just ask her fiancĂ© Jonathan Owens, who loves showering Biles with support, especially through her fashion choices. For example, on Monday night, the gymnast shared a snapshot of herself and Owens posing before a Texans game. Biles proudly displayed her team spirit by wearing her jersey number, 36, in a 2000s-inspired halter top with a cowl neck. Early on, this popular silhouette was often referred to as the “going out top”.

Fittingly, Biles is wearing a white and red palette (the Texans’ team colors), under his shoes. Above, she wore a white draped halter top with Owens’ number emblazoned on the front. She styled the piece with white denim cutoff shorts, which have become a go-to style staple for her during the summer season. A pair of matching red and white Nike sneakers with a casual ‘fit’ closed top.

Biles, who plays safety for the Texans, is among the latest additions to cheer on his fiancee. Last month, she posted a mirror selfie on Instagram while wearing a light blue tank with “36” emblazoned across her chest. A few weeks ago, she dressed in a full-blown Texan cheerleader look. And just last week, Biles showed off DIY bags she made with both “Oven” and “36” written on sparkly patches. Not only has the star gymnast mastered the art of date night dressing, she’s also consistently managed to include a little visual support for her plus-one.

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