Simon Byles wears a bright orange bikini on holiday

LOS ANGELES, California - November 15: Honorary Simon Byles at the Getty Center 2021 Instyle Awards on November 15, 2021 at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California.  (Images of Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for installation)

Simone Biles Heat begins off summer. The Olympic champion and trailblazer showed off her latest vacation look on Instagram in a bright orange bikini, with the caption, “My place of happiness.” Biles looked stunning in the classic triangle design that emerged from Shane and lace around his waist, but fans were most excited about his huge sun hat. The knitted hat was out of what you would normally see on the beach, a thorn so wide, Biles used it to cover his whole face in all his pictures. “Orange, are you happy that you have some shade?” One user joked in his comments section.

According to her social media, Byles is already spending many holidays in Turks and Caicos for her 25th birthday with her fianc Jonathan Owens. Byles and Owens got engaged again in February, sharing the news via Instagram with several adorable photos of the proposal and a video of Byles’ engagement ring. “The easiest yes,” Byles wrote on his page. “I can’t wait to be with you forever and ever, what you dreamed of and much more!”

This time though, thanks to some hints on Instagram, the two are suspected of spending some time at the beach with their mother. Earlier this week, Byles posted an Instagram story with Owens’ mother, along with several plane emojis, followed by her own mother, Nellie Byles, enjoying a meal by the sea. Followers conclude that this journey can be a way for a happy couple to have some family ties before their marriage. Especially considering the previous day’s byles post, which read, “Near one step closer to being Mrs. Owens,” and with check marks by “Venue” and “Date”. But whatever the rationale for the trip, he’s obviously doing it in style.

Biles has been swaying in a lot of vibrant colors lately, just a few weeks ago wearing a similar tangerine shade for Date Night. While these shades look absolutely stunning to her, they are also setting the tone for a bright and unforgettable summer. Whether you’re planning a vacation on your own or trying to relax at home, try taking a page out of Biles’ book and incorporating some of these bright colors into your wardrobe. This is a sure way to make you feel like a winner this summer, no matter how you spend it.

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