Selina Gomez’s best clothes are only in Murder in the Building

It would be hard to steal a scene from legends like Steve Martin and Martin Short, unless, of course, you have Selena Gomez’s completely obscure quote in Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building”. The show returns with a bundle of season two and increasingly notable outerwear – and the costume in general – curated by Dana Coverubius.

“It’s no longer a show about murder in a building … it’s a show about COATS!”

The series introduces new characters who enter the scene and influence Mabel’s (Gomez) costume. Alice (who starred in Delivering), for one, opens Mabel’s eyes to the art world and encourages her to tap into her creative side in a bold, splash pattern. When they met, Mabel wore a tangerine nanushka dress, a mere watercolor print trench by Driss Van Notten, and knee-high boots from Bai Far that, according to an email exchange with Coverrubius, were combined to make her look like a painting. . Coverrubius said Gomez loved to wear a 70s vintage, silver sequined “disco ball dress” that was a new silhouette for Mabel and, as expected, her vibrant, textured coat lineup.

“In season two, we made an internal joke among the clothing department crew that this is no longer a show about murder in a building … it’s a show about COATS!” Coverrubius said. “The coat is an essential element for any detective look. Each of our main characters has an iconic coat and a special relationship with their coat.” Mabel, whose coat is her armor and the way to protect herself from the outside world, wears jackets from local NYC thrift shops such as The RealReal, The Outnet, Farfetch, Beacon’s Closet, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

On the front, you can uncover more secrets about the cautious motive behind Mabel’s dress, color palette and jewelry – and learn where you can buy her signature gold hoops and layered necklaces that made their way from season one to season two.

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