Selina Gomez dresses at the White House Mental Health Forum

Selena Gomez made her debut in style at the White House when she attended a Mental Health Youth Action Forum in Washington DC on Wednesday, May 18th. Flotus Jill Biden, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, and Ambassador Susan E. Along with Rice, Gomez hosted an open conversation about the youth’s mental health and his personal self-care journey. For the special occasion, the “Only Murderers in the Building” star chose to wear a sleeveless shift dress adorned with diamond ornaments along the neckline and arm cutouts. She styled the look with strappy, pointed-toe heels in white and silver hoop earrings.

LBD casts a simple yet refined silhouette, which spreads slightly around her mid-thigh to convey a feeling of simple elegance. Gomez styled her hair into a smooth lobe and a round black manicure, effortlessly matching the glamorous theme. In contrast, Dr. Biden came in a polished white pencil skirt with a pale blue button-front blazer.

“Bringing attention to mental health through the media, or just talking about your own journey can help. It sets the example that this is something that can and should be discussed freely and without shame.”

During the forum, Gomez, a strong advocate of therapy and taking social media breaks for his mental health, explained that there is an unnecessary power to discuss mental health as a community. “I’ve heard a phrase, in fact, recently, that I really like, that what is significant becomes manageable,” he said. “To throw a little bit into my journey, I felt that once I found out what was going on mentally, I saw that I had more freedom to be right with what I had because I was learning about it. For health, or just talking about your own journey can help. It sets an example that this is an issue that can and should be discussed without hesitation and shame. So such an event, especially in such a place, is very It’s important. ”

Gomez – who has spoken openly about his personal experiences with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder in the past – recently launched Wondermind, a platform aimed at “disrespecting and democratizing mental health”. “Mental health is very personal to me, and I hope that by using my platform to share my own stories – and by working with incredible people like you, of course you, Dr. Murthy – I can help others feel alone and that they Find out what help is needed, which, really, is what I want, ”he continued throughout the forum. “So my brand, Rare Beauty, and Rare Impact Fund support organizations that expand access to mental health services and education for young people.”

See Gomez’s refined combination at the White House Mental Health Youth Action Forum up front.

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