Priscilla Presley’s wedding dress was remade for the Elvis movie

Olivia DeGeneres played Priscilla Presley in Buzz Luhrmann’s 2022 film “Elvis”, where Austin Butler played the king of rock and roll. The biopic documents Elvis Presley’s relationship with his former manager, Colonel Tom Parker (illustrated by Tom Hanks) and Parker’s influence on the collapse of Elvis’ career. Everywhere, we see a glimpse of her life and, naturally, her relationship with Priscilla, whom she married on May 1, 1967, at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Luhrmann’s wife, Katherine Martin, the famous costume designer of “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby”, worked with his team to recreate a version of the wedding dress found on the rack while shopping in disguise in Memphis, TN. , So that he can show no way to prove that he is going to get married. The dress, which was retailed and tried only once late at night, was beaded with long bishop sleeves, embroidered with lace and dressed with a row of buttons on each wrist. It ended with a three-foot veil, topped with a glass tiara, and Priscilla gave her hair a darker shade of brown to match Elvis.

[Martin] The wedding dress is believed to be the most spot-on replica seen in all 159 minutes of the film.

Martin, who collaborated with Muchia Pradar on most of Priscilla’s 70s costumes and also donated vintage pieces for the movie (which includes 9,000 costumes), believes the wedding dress is the most spot-on replica seen in all 159 minutes. Film, though we see it only briefly. Martin explained to POPSUGAR, “We had detailed pictures from the archive of what the lace looked like, and we bought several different laces that were sewn together to recreate them as closely as possible.” “It was completely hand-beaded and pearly and had several layers of chiffon with a silk underlining. The border hem of a tulle was sewn on so that it would float perfectly when Priscilla was walking. The top of the dress is so intricate and the bottom so simple and effortless. Sometimes , These things are the hardest to do, especially in white or marital, because they work in the end and feel very touching. ”

According to Martin, DeGeneres couldn’t believe how real and beautiful the gown was when he first fitted it. “It was great to see all these beautiful handicrafts on Olivia’s living body. It was ethereal and other mundane,” she says.

As for accessories, Martin was a seamstress who perfected ballet wire crowns into fixtures for veils made of silk jewelry. Although we don’t see bridal shoes in the movie, Martin confirms them to be ivory satin 50s stiletto pumps that were actually ballroom-dance shoes – almost like Priscilla wore to her wedding in a closed-foot silhouette. Day and Martin recommend a pair of shoes, as they are long enough to provide height, bare enough to fit the feet and stable enough to dance.

Ahead, look at historical images of the 1967 press conference and champagne breakfast that Elvis’s team hosted with a five-foot-tall, six-tiered cake and shows him wearing a Lambert Marks-designed black paisley silk brocade suit and cowboy boots. Coordinate with Priscilla.

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