Princess Diana’s Best Fashion Moments

Princess Diana’s iconic style moments have influenced the likes of royals Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, who have only followed in her footsteps, taking notes from her rule book by inheriting classic prints, sophisticated silhouettes and family jewelery reserved for specific occasions. From fashion spectacles like her Elizabeth and David Emanuel wedding gown — featuring pouf sleeves and a 25-foot-long train, and Kristen Stewart inspired by her counterpart Christina Stambolian’s “revenge dress” in Pablo Lerren’s 2021 film “Spencer.” Diana’s dress will be admired for years to come.

HBO’s new documentary “The Princess” puts Diana’s outfits in the spotlight several times. “She’s wearing diamond drop earrings her mother gave her. You want her shoes?” said a reporter excitedly during a live preview of Diana and Charles’ wedding at Buckingham Palace in 1981. “We should all be able to wear wedding dresses and celebrate!” A woman in the crowd squirms, as others are shown obsessing over the intricate details of the bridal look. Documentary footage emphasizes how much importance was placed on the Princess of Wales’s clothing choices, which is why all 50 of these appearances will go down in history, sporadically inspiring designer replicas, such as the famous red, white and black she wore to a polo match in 1983 with a lamb jumper, a Wearing a prime bow collar.

Ahead, scroll through Princess Diana’s most talked-about gowns, day dresses, sweaters, skirt suits and trousers.

Additional reporting by Randy Miller

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