Prince Harry and Megan Merkel best dress and couple style

As Prince Harry and Megan Merkel celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary, we celebrate their best combined look together as a couple. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not unfamiliar with a formal, black-tie event, but they somehow manage to get out effortlessly in even the most high-profile engagements. Although Prince Harry and Merkel are not easily forgotten, their recent outings as hosts of the 2022 Invictus Games in the Netherlands remind the public of how in-sync they actually are.

Merkel’s style can be described as a delightful aspect of modern luxury, always worn with absolute confidence. He sticks to mostly neutral tones with subtle accents, though often surprised by bright shakes of a monochromatic color. Merkel’s dress, which consists of plain wardrobe basics, usually gives Prince Harry a prime opportunity to show off his own fashion sense, as well as complement his wife’s clean aesthetics.

From Merkel’s all-white Valentino power suit to her off-the-shoulder bodysuit that served as a sweet, passionate tribute to the late Princess Diana, an array of Prince Harry’s navy blue, tan and classic black-and-white suits, Sam Served as a smart accompaniment.

But there is more to where it came from. To duly compliment the Duke and Duchess on all of their costume choices, we’ve put together their most recognizable looks since they debuted as a pair. Elegance is a constant theme of the game for each of them, while the combination is an adorable added bonus.

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