Pete Davidson’s Supreme Hoody in Bodies Bodies Bodies

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Pete Davidson starred in the horror movie “Bodies Bodies Bodies” which will be released in theaters on August 5. The film takes us into the world of a group of rich friends who decide to play a party game that leads to murder living in a remote family home. In the trailer released April 27, Davidson is seen in a costume that perfectly captures her everyday style.

One look in particular has a pink supreme hoodie and it appears in the first 19 seconds of the preview. At the scene, Davidson opens his eyes wide and shouts nervously, “What’s going on?” We then get a better picture of the full look in another clip, showing the comedian lying on a teal sofa, wrapped around Alice (played by Rachel Saint), who is wearing a floral slip dress in pastel yellow with gray socks and Tan Mary Jane. Wearing. Heel Davidson’s pink hooded logo sweatshirt paired with knee-length shorts.

He slipped into the rest of the trailer in a similarly comfortable look, like a black sweatshirt, blue swim trunks and a white bathrobe. The 28-year-old actor wears a movie costume (curated by Katina Danabassis) with the same brand of cool as he does when he travels the city with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

During a recent trip, the couple wore all-black outfits, Davidson wearing black jeans, a gray T-shirt layered under a blue-and-burgundy plaid hoodie, and a black puffer jacket. She wore a black double-breasted suit for the 2022 Met Gala, then met Kardashian in a sweat at the hotel.

Up front, watch the full trailer and buy the perfect Supreme Hoodie from Davidson.

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