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* In collaboration with Walmart +.

Apparently only interested in one thing haha

I can’t be here with the face of Bekam

Details: Walmart + subscription for components | Red sweatshirt | Pancake mold | Food coloring | Pink champagne flute (Other details are linked below)

When I was in school my dad used to make me pancakes almost every morning. He used to have funny shapes and letters. As an adult I don’t know how he did it, he’s a super dad! I like to make breakfast but we usually have breakfast in the car and run out the door. Come on weekends though I always have a good breakfast on Sundays and on holidays I like to do themes. Valentine is one of my favorites because you know how much I love the pink color scheme

I saw this idea online so I ordered some food coloring, berries, sprinkles, and some other details on Walmart + so I had to save a trip to the store. As much as I wish I could be a planner and be able to list and order a complete grocery once a week, most of the time I carry last minute ideas or I forget something, so I love being able to order groceries whenever I need them.

I also got this cute plastic flute for making a cotton candy mocktail which is kids favorite part haha ​​no question. We’ve added some white cranberry-strawberry juice and a pink sugar rim – a cute, festive kids drink idea. With a Walmart + subscription you get free same day delivery from your store and free shipping without minimum order. (Free Same-Day Delivery – $ 35 Order Minimum. Restrictions apply.; Free Shipping, No Minimum Order – Excludes most marketplace items, location and freight surcharge.


I used the bisque pancake mixture and followed the instructions on the back. I made the first handful of pancakes with plain pancake mixture, then separated 4 bowls for another color. I added a few drops of pink food color to the batter. Pink from this set is so bright and rich, I’m obsessed! The amount of drops you want to add can be just eye-catching as it will depend on how big the batch you are making. Just start with one or two drops and mix to get the color idea. A little goes a long way – then after cooking the next ‘shade’ pancakes, you’ll add a few more drops of food coloring and repeat.

You can repeat as many times as you want and go as slowly / slowly as you want but the more you do, the bigger your stack of pancakes will be. We just made mini stackers because I knew kids wouldn’t be able to eat so much if they were full size. I also used this pretty little mold (works for pancakes, eggs, etc.) which has a circle or heart shape option. So beautiful to use all year round for Valentine’s Day or just for fun. This makes it easy for the stack to do multiple things at once. These are amazing !!

We sprinkled berries, syrup, whipped cream and. I also ordered these edible flower petals which would be great for your partner with a Valentine’s Day brunch or even a baby shower / bridal shower brunch. I forgot to put them on when we did it so I will use them when I make it again they are so cute !!

If you want to recreate it, link all the elements / details below. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial for Walmart + here.

XX, Christine

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