Old Navy Straw Visa Sun Hat I Editor Review

Hot Girl Summer has just gotten hotter with the Old Navy’s Straw Visa Sun Hat ($ 18, originally $ 20). I never thought I’d be the type to wear a visa over a bucket hat, but I came to the conclusion that a classic straw visor would never go out of style. A few weeks ago, I decided to start transforming my summer outfit and realized that So Many of my favorite pieces are actually from the Old Navy. They are timeless and, above all, versatile. It just felt like I picked up a few more fashionable staples for the long summer ahead. I also wanted pieces that could easily transform into a holiday look and I couldn’t think of a better accessory to top my stylish beach attire than this straw visor.

What I like about this straw visa

I must admit, at first, I thought only my mom would wear it on our annual family vacation, but after looking around them Literally Every magazine ad, I finally gave up. Over the past few weeks, I’ve discovered endless ways to style my new visa. Whether you’re going to the beach, having a tennis date with your girlfriends, or grabbing a cocktail on the roof, this hat is versatile enough to enhance your outfit for any summer activity.

What can be noticed about this straw visa

This visa fit is exceptional. The elastic back band with a soft-knit lining allows you to slide the hats comfortably over your head all day without having to worry about a slip and they are designed to be folded, which saves you headaches when packing. You will be able to stuff it into any bag and it will come back completely when you are ready to use it. It is also important to remember that textured paper straw material makes it very light, yet will not weave through the sun, so it provides proper protection for your eyes and most importantly your face.

Although I chose the cream shade, I have good news for you! Visas come in two additional colorways: completely natural and blackjack. Fortunately, Visa is so affordable that I have to buy it in other shades, and I’m sure you will too. And if you’re prone to losing your hat on vacation, the price tag will make the pill easier to swallow.

Would I recommend this straw visa?

One thing is for sure: the trend comes and goes, but a stylish face will always be around. I would recommend this hat based on five important factors: secure fit, color options, sun protection, price and how low the product maintenance is. Honestly, I was able to get salt water on the fabric without losing texture, and that was a plus for me, considering that I wanted to spend most of my summer in the water.
And a head up, the Old Navy is giving their customers a special summer treat. You can now grab this straw visor with an additional 25 percent discount with the code: Bonus. BRB, I’m adding two more colorways to my Old Navy shopping cart.


Image Source: Popsugar Photography / Indira Diaz

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