Old Navy Matching Human and Dog Outfits I Editor Review

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m fascinated by my dog, Cooper. She’s a sassy, ​​two-year-old Corgi who’s obsessed with playing ball and chicken – and she’s no stranger to fashion photoshoots. So recently during the new arrival of the Old Navy, I came across a discovery that is very important for gatekeepers: the Old Navy has matching clothing for people and their hairy friends – and they are ridiculously clever. Sleeveless linen-blended smoked tie-back printed maxi shift dress ($ 38, originally $ 45) and printed t-shirt and bandana set ($ 10, originally $ 18), both featured in the retailer’s “Blue Gingham” pattern. Next, get my full review of the matching piece.

What I like about this maxi dress and set

Discovering this matching set was a happy coincidence. While testing the novelty in the retailer’s pet department, I noticed that the aforementioned printed T-shirts and salute sets had “Match the Fame” written next to the pattern’s name. From there, I saw “Blue Jingham” in the Old Navy search box and a Tons Popular pieces, including women’s tops and dresses, men’s shirts, and children’s accessories. I was attracted to this maxi dress, in particular, for a few reasons: it’s not just the perfect summer print, I’m linen and long dress-obsessed.

When I slipped it in real life, I was equally happy. The linen-rayon mixture is light weight, breathable and comfortable. As for the fit, it’s the air (without the look or feel of the big size), which is a godsend at the hot tempex. Considering all the elements of this dress, I think it is the best summer dress; Which is on-trend (hello, cottagecore) and timeless.

We must touch Cooper’s clothes. I like that it comes in at $ 10 with both a t-shirt and a bandana Although both pieces are worn together in marketing shots, I think I would choose one or the other so as not to make him feel uncomfortable. I ordered a medium size (she’s 32 pounds, FYI) for both the shirt and the bandana and thought we had the perfect choice.

What a worth noting

I ordered this dress to my normal size medium and it fit my hips, but felt a bit bigger in the chest area. Other old Navy buyers have noted that they have had some difficulty determining their size; A handful of reviewers mentioned that it was too tight in the buttocks or chest. That said, if you can’t see yourself without this outfit, you may want to buy two sizes to determine which one is most suitable for you.

Another thing to note is that I would say that this dress is more than a weekday on weekends. It boasts of a submerged V-neck and gives a ripped slit that some may not find suitable for the office. But if you work from home like me, no worries!

A final note: this maxi dress also comes in a super chic neutral shade – the only problem is that the color is not available in the doggy version.

Who is this piece best for?

I think this maxi dress is best for those cheeks who are looking for a versatile summer dress that can be worn above or below. I made it with my sleeveless linen-blended smoked tie-back printed maxi shift dress ($ 38, originally $ 45) and a matching mini tote, but I also think it would pair well with sneakers or heels. And perhaps it’s obvious, but dog t-shirts and bandana are best for puppies (or cats, maybe?) Who don’t mind wearing clothes for a day in town.

Additional information

Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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