Old Navy loose shirts and pull-on shorts eye editor review

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been attracted to matching sets. Incidentally: I recently stumbled upon a scoop crochet sleeveless crop top and midi skirt at Walmart and felt like a million bucks. Of course, I’m still climbing to the heights of that good search, and I’m sure I’ve published another good co-order in the old Navy’s new-arrival division. Give navy short-sleeve loose shirts ($ 30) and matching high-waisted textured cotton pull-on shorts ($ 30).

I immediately fell in love with the royal-blue color (known as “Catalyst Blue” on the brand’s website). I’ve been seeing this color everywhere lately and knew it was time to take a step back before it sold out, so record-fast Old Navy orders. I scooped up and down, and when they reached the mail, the temperature in Minnesota reached the 80’s. That, teaming up with the fact that opened the pool of my apartment building, set the stage for the big debut of this ensemble.

What I like about this old navy set

The real question is, what No. What do I like about this old navy set? Answer: Nothing! Tops and shorts (both made from 100 percent cotton, FYI) are really soft, lightweight and loose fitting, great for super-hot days. But my favorite detail is the all-over shearing of double-wave cotton fabric, which adds an enhanced touch that looks and feels lux.

What better occasion for this old navy?

This matching set is undoubtedly versatile, but I think it’s perfect to throw on your swimsuit before going to the beach or pool. How did I wear it? Leaving the monochrome theme, I wore a matching bikini at the bottom of the set and opened the top instead of buttoning. I slipped on my slide, grabbed a tote bag full of reading material, and booked it into a lawn chair.

Would I recommend this old navy set?

Yes, hell! This matching set screams summer style. If my Old Navy collection wasn’t that extensive, I’d consider ordering one of the other five colors or the striped version – see: Short-sleeve striped shirts ($ 30) and high-waisted striped shorts ($ 30) but at this rate, my roll Need to slow down; This editor is obsessed.

What should be noticed about this old navy set

Before you add this set to your cart, you should keep in mind that both shirts and shorts are a bit bulky, which means they are ideal for anyone looking for a loose, slightly oversized fit. I ordered my normal size medium and preferred the comfortable fit, but some buyers mentioned that they would prefer to reduce the size for a more fitting look. Also worth mentioning: Some reviewers were concerned that the material was sheer, but I found that the blue set gives a lot of coverage.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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