Old navy long-sleeved cropped crochet sweater i editor review

I realize the new arrival section of the old navy with the enthusiasm of a child in a sweet shop. After all, you never know what’s going to happen next month. Like the brand classic and timeless, it occasionally reveals products inspired by current trends, a long-sleeved cropped crochet sweater ($ 40). Everyone Be it in the form of crochet hugs, summer dresses or accessories right now. (Either way, you can’t go wrong.) Needless to say, I couldn’t resist pulling this sweater out. I added it to my cart in my usual medium size and chose a cloudy white color over the orange style – but hey, it’s beautiful too.

What I like about this sweater

One of the things I was worried about when pressing “add to cart” was whether this sweater would look inferior, as the cotton crochet would break after a few wear. But I was So It’s a relief to find that it’s really thick and durable.

I love style. It has long drop-shoulder sleeves and elastic rib-knit cuffs which in my opinion is extra detail which makes it look expensive. And the cropped fit is perfect for pulling the front in a pair of shorts this summer.

Is this sweater good for the occasion?

One of the biggest things that has attracted me to this sweater is that it is truly versatile. On days that aren’t too hot this summer, I look forward to wearing it with a fitted crop top or a neutral-colored sports bra and a pair of denim shorts or jeans. Equipped with the right accessories, I think it can even be a great top, be it for a drink with friends or for a date night.

But I am most excited to wear it as a beach cover-up because I think it is aesthetically pleasing. Also, its open-knit style gives me a chance to show off my favorite new bikini.

What’s remarkable about this sweater

At the time of writing, this sweater has the most five-star reviews, except for one buyer who thinks the sleeve is too long. Maybe it’s true that I’m 5’9, but I found that they fit perfectly. One thing to note is that the sleeves are slightly oversize in width; I would say that it looks casual and does not fit tightly in your arm.

One more thing: I know I’ve said before that this sweater is really durable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the way you wash it. According to the brand’s instructions, you need to machine wash it in a cool, gentle cycle and leave it flat to dry.

Would I recommend this sweater?

I highly recommend this sweater! I know I’m going to get to it again and again this summer, whether it’s for a casual WFH day or a pool trip. Even my fiance did double-take when I stepped on it. It’s certainly unusual – and the trend is right.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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