Old Navy High-Waist Side-Slit Flare Jeans I Editor Review

Like the matching set, split-hem jeans have recently occupied a large part of my brain – they are very glamorous. Although finding an affordable pair is not easy. Until a few weeks ago, almost every style I came across was over $ 100, and I can’t justify the high price tag right now, especially when some of my favorite pair of jeans cost me around $ 50 in the Old Navy.

This brings me to my latest purchase from the retailer, which I am so obsessed with that I want to shout about it from the roof. Insert high-waisted side-slit flare jeans ($ 45), which made me audiblely breathless when I first scrolled through them. Of course, I never bought a pair of jeans – or anything, about that – as fast as I bought this pair of denim.

From the beginning, I loved everything about them, from the side slits to the florid style to the light wash. They looked almost identical to a pair I saw from a high-end retailer and at a fraction of the price. I ordered them in 6 sizes and – not to be overly dramatic – legally counted the days until they came to my door.

I am thrilled to report that I love these jeans just as much as I do online. Not just them Look Well, thanks to their curve-hug design, but they fit perfectly and are really comfortable, thanks to their slightly stretched. If you like a flared style and a split-hem style like me, trust me when I say that your outfit needs these.

Today, I’m teaming them up with a crop top and a pair of heels because I have a special event on my calendar, but I’m also encouraged to pair them with slides for a casual top and more low-key look. The most exciting thing is that I only know that people will ask me where I got them, and I’m excited to say that I found this hidden gem on the Old Navy website.

Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

High-waisted side-slit flared jeans

High-waisted side-slit flared jeans

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