Old Navy Faux-Leather Chunky-Heel Loafers I’m an editor review

In all honesty, I’m totally new to the loafer trend. I’ve raved and raved about them over and over on Instagram and TikTok, but I’ve never actually added them to my shopping cart. That is, until last week, when I came across the Faux-Leather Chunky-Heel Loafer Shoe ($40) in Old Navy. I was drawn to them for many reasons, the biggest being that they are affordable and equal parts modern and timeless. They have a log sole similar to the ones I’ve seen on countless celebrities, yet the shape stays true to a classic penny loafer. In search of the perfect fall-capsule wardrobe, I picked them up, knowing full well that they would sell out in the blink of an eye. Check out my honest thoughts on the affordable footwear front.

What I love about these loafers

These are loafers so That comfortable price tag is hard to believe — and I’m far from the only Old Navy shopper who thinks so. Scroll through the ratings section of Old Navy’s website and you’ll see that nearly every review attests to how comfortable they are. The footbed is made of a cushioned woven twill that I was able to wear for a full day without a strong desire to take them off – as is the case with many of my shoes.

Another thing I love about these loafers is their faux-patent shine, which makes them look luxe. I used to wear them with baggy blue jeans, but I can’t wait to wear them with trousers and a miniskirt. PS: If you take a moment to Google “patent-leather loafers,” you’ll see that many of the same styles are double-edged — if not more. three times – Price. (Run, don’t walk, people.)

I admit that I acted *a little* too quickly to add these to my shopping cart and didn’t pay attention to the sizing. If I scrolled through the reviews, I noticed that multiple users attested that they ran great. Instead, I jumped half a size from my usual 9.5, figuring I wanted a little extra room for socks. But I ended up with a lot more room than I expected — and so I’ll exchange this pair for a half-size smaller. clearly Note the mistakes I made before you do.

These loafers are best for those

These loafers are perfect for fashion-lovers looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and affordable pair for fall that will top off all your fall ‘fits.

Additional information

  • These loafers also come in white and burgundy, both with a black sole.
  • These loafers come in sizes 6-11.
  • The outsole is made of 51 percent recycled thermoplastic rubber and 49 percent thermoplastic rubber.

Rating: 5

Faux-Leather Chunky-Heel Loafer Shoes

Faux-Leather Chunky-Heel Loafer Shoes

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