Old Navy Extra High-Waist Sweat Shorts I Editor Review

Like most people, I am obsessed with ticking. I will not say that I am easily impressed to buy what I see in the app, but when I do not come to one but Several People are crazy about a certain item, when I start paying close attention. This is true of the Old Navy’s extra high-waisted vintage sweat shorts, the 5-inch Insim ($ 8, basically $ 20). I’m not sure I could have taken a second look at their retailer’s website, but countless content creators have been overwhelmed by them, so I decided what the fuss was about and added my normal size medium to my virtual shopping cart in white.

What I like about these shorts

I admit that I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to say what I like about these trendy shorts, because there’s just So Curse For many beginners, I’m obsessed with French-terry fabric, which is perfect for spring and summer dressing (as opposed to fleece, which is very warm when the temperature rises). These are neither too thick nor too thin, the latter of which is essential to prevent these children from being seen (I promise, they are not). And finally, these shorts feature pockets – deeper ones! What is not love?

For what occasion are these shorts good?

While I’m tempted to say that these sweat shorts are good for hanging out or running, a stylish TikTok user has assured me that they are more versatile. They look great with a crop top, a button-down, a cropped sweater – the list goes on. I look forward to challenging myself to find new ways to wear them, but for now, I think a lounge is essential.

What can be noticed about these shorts

Despite the fact that these sweat shorts mainly have a five-star rating, a few of the blends are scattered down. The reason for this seems to be that buyers did not realize that they were slightly oversized by opening a wide leg, and in their defense, it was not very clear on the brand’s website. I’m personally a fan of the genre, but I understand that it’s not everyone’s vibe.

Would I recommend these shorts?

Absolutely! As someone who hasn’t worn these types of shorts since my sofa episode in high school, I can prove that these are more advanced in the classic style – and they are probably the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn in years. All things considered, I give them a * perfect * five star rating.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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