Northwestern clothing during Paris Couture Fashion Week

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Perhaps influenced by her father Kanye West’s personal style, North West has taken the fashion scene by storm with oversized silhouettes and chic details like leather jackets and chunky combat boots. She may be young, but she is already showing a strong fashion aesthetic. Of course, it helps to get the help of expert stylists who can source designer pieces. At Paris Couture Fashion Week, the 9-year-old joined her mother, Kim Kardashian, and her grandmother, Chris Jenner, for several public appearances, further proving that she is a strong fashion force in her own right.

First, he wore a suit for a varsity jacket, a cobalt-colored, oversized pastel jacket that he probably swiped from his father’s closet (he wore it on stage at the 2008 American Music Awards). The outerwear piece – which was part of Connie West’s off-streetwear line – combines a deep-blue top half and a light-blue bottom half for an interesting colorblock moment. It features bright yellow pastel labels on the left, red zippers on each side, and leather shoulder pads. For the fashion-forward look, Northwest has paired it with black baggy pants and Balenciaga hardcross sandals. On the accessory front, she arrived for a pair of blue square sunglasses, a mini Balenciaga City bag, several silver rings and a beaded necklace.

Later that day, West sold his father’s outerwear for another large size, this time a bedded black denim jacket. He was wearing a black T-shirt underneath but seemed to be stuck with the same pants and shoes. He then swapped blue sunglasses for the black look of the future. The next day, West wore an equally cool outfit to the Balenciaga Couture show, wearing a long-sleeved graphic t-shirt followed by torn black jeans and his go-to Balenciaga platform sandals. This time, she accessed with a shiny black Balenciaga Hourglass bag and a few necklaces and sunglasses from the previous night.

On the same day, the cobbler streets of West Paris were turned into his own private runway when he and Kardashian came to Jean-Paul Goltier’s couture show after wearing a pinstripe dress and matching nose ring. The fashionista embraced the steampunk style in a pinstriped vest and skirt, complete with a white collared button-up and black tie, a matching beret and knee-high fighting boots.

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