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As the eldest child of superstar parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Northwest is, surprisingly, an emerging style icon. Both mom and dad are widely regarded as fashion makers and the North is following in their footsteps. He has joined them on several business trips, one of which is to present the Botega Veneta Saloon 01 London Collection in London in 2020. At the age of 9, the young fashionista Paris Couture won the title of best dress of the week with many oversized jackets, baggy pants and platform sandals. She achieved this fashion feat in a small part for her closet full of designer pieces and the help of skilled stylists.

First, she brought back her father’s cobalt varsity jacket from her father’s defunct label pastel for a casual day in Paris. Then, she turned her head to the Balenciaga Couture show, sat in the front row next to her grandmother Chris Jenner, and wore a oversized graphic sweatshirt, threaded pants, and platform sandals. Later, he was seen with his mother in a black badged denim jacket and graphic shirt, baggy pants and the same Balenciaga X Crocs sandals. The next day, young star Jean Paul Goltier embraced a stumpink aesthetic for the show, opting for a sharply decorated pinstripe suit, complete with a skirt, vest, tie and beret. She surprised fans with a wrong nose ring, matched by her mother, who brought back Madonna’s iconic 1992 dress.

Yet, long before her Paris takeover, West was already hinting at a style savant in making dresses – for example, take her corseted look on the wedding weekend of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Whether on a family trip or traveling with her parents, Northern Style Inspire provides an uninterrupted flow. As we wait for the new advent, keep scrolling to appreciate its complete evolution.

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