No Border Festival Crochet Tote Bag I Editor Review

Oops. Interested Walmart shoppers here want to tell you that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start shopping in the retailer’s fashion and accessories section. Case in point: My new obsession is the No Boundary Women’s Festival Crochet Tote Bag Tan Multi Stripe ($ 27), which, honestly, I didn’t expect to be as high quality as this. Next up, I’m going to break down what you need to know about this bag to decide if you want to add it to your virtual shopping cart.

What I like about this tote bag

When I unboxed this tote, I was blown away by the intricate crochet detail of the melody, which – if I’m honest – shows a better IRL. It reminds you of a special item that you want to buy from a super-talented craftsman. It is made of 100 percent cotton crochet, which makes it really soft to the touch – and the inner pocket is So For the wide background: I brought it with me for a day of surfing and was able to fit a wet suit, towel, water bottle And Sunscreen inside without spilling anything from above.

What’s even better, it also has a zipped pocket for storing easily removable items like your keys and phone, which I appreciated even more when I returned my damp weightsuit to it later that day.

Which tote bag is best for any occasion?

This tote bag will definitely work for any summer activity, but I think it is also perfect for beach bags and pool days. As mentioned, I brought it to the beach for a day of surfing, but I myself can predict it will be used to pick some groceries or to transport wine and cheese to the park for a picnic.

What can be noticed about this tote bag

I studied the reviews of this tote bag and noticed that those who gave low ratings were surprised at how big it was. But as someone who always seems to be carrying a ton of things with me, I was a fan – and recommend it to those who appreciate a great career.

If you’re not as obsessed with this multistripe print as I am, still like the silhouette, it also comes in a floral pattern, black and tan. While the stripe option is more classic, that option evokes a more boho aesthetic.

Would I recommend this tote bag?

Undoubtedly! I can’t talk more about this gorgeous bag, and the buyers agree. “Got a lot of praise,” wrote one reviewer. “People are very surprised to know where I bought it from.” I’m still shocked, too, TBH.


Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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