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Since its inception in 2010, ASOS has been a major foundation of the Atlantic-Pacific. Some of my favorite statements – especially clothing – have come from retailers. You can take a little walk around the memory lane and see some ASOS moments from the past here, here, here, here and here. Scroll down to see some of my new outfits from ASOS!

Pink Islet Maxi Dress

Eyelet is always a good idea. I love the size and length of this pink eyelet dress and actually got this green in the mail today! You can see a past favorite islet ASOS style here.

Lilac raffle mini dress

I love a good raffle and this mini dress is such a fun style for the summer months. It is green here and a romantic print is also available here.

Pale blue oversized mesh dress

One of my all time favorite ASOS dresses is back in stock! You can see it here me! This beauty also comes to Lila here (which I also own). This similar dress I like (I saw it worn here) is also back in stock – just a few sizes left!

Front maxi dress with green sari

I like a flowing maxi as a witness here – and this green color is positively stunning. I will wear it with these earrings that I just picked up!

Orange sweep hem maxi dress

I’m looking for the perfect summer wedding dress and it caught my eye. I just ordered it and hope it’s beautiful in person! PS I like this orange number.

Mustard draped sleeve dress

I noticed this outfit a few months ago. When I liked it, I felt like I didn’t have an occasion to wear it – and the price tag was a bit too much for such a special occasion attire. I just saw it – a fun low-cost point option (under $ 100!) That seemed a bit more casual. It’s coming in the mail this week – fingers crossed!

Multi ombre midi dress

Is there anything more dramatic than a printed full midi dress? No! I think this dress would be absolutely perfect with this pink bag.

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