Natalie Portman’s Cher Horowitz-inspired Yellow Dior look

The new Marvel movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” is set to release on Friday, July 8, and the star-studded cast has filled their hands with press events and the red carpet. In particular, the returning star of the film series, Natalie Portman, has turned her head with her brightly colored press tour attire. Ever wanting to shy away from bold fashion statements, Portman recently embraced a 90s aesthetic on a custom set that was both timeless and an incredible compliment to the classic film “Clues”.

In an interview in London on Monday, July 4, the 41-year-old actress looked stunning in a bold dior yellow plaid matching set with a slightly larger size blazer and pleated skirt. The “Thor” star had her jacket open over a plain black bralet top, so as not to be distracted by the tiny belt at the waist of her skirt. Portman has accessorized this classic “Cher Horwitz outfit” with a pair of black Dr. Martens combat boots, a banged gold necklace and, of course, a suitable blowout from the 90’s.

The yellow plaid print in question is from Dior’s Autumn / Winter 2022 RTW collection, which was inspired by everyday workwear and men’s clothing. From Parisian Fashion Week’s Jesus Layered Dress to Parisian Rockstar Harry’s style purple boa pair at the Paris Fashion Week, the “clues” themed print has been seen making its way through Hollywood.

Although the appearance of the “Black Swan” actress is credited to Dior, the original costume worn by Silverstone was styled by Mona May. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, costume designer May said, “It’s like taking a uniform and twisting it. What would a Catholic school girl do with a uniform? Take it to another level.” Portman and his “Thor: Love and Thunder” coaster Tessa Thompson even received approval stamps from Alicia Silverstone when the “Cleoles” actress reposted Portman’s post on her Instagram story.

In front, see the full effect of Portman.

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