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Models like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Andreja Pejic and Marquita Pringle are known to go all out with their Halloween costumes. For these spooky-season moments, they’ll work with stylists, who usually dress them for red carpet or street style outings between fashion week shows. This collaborative process enables them to take the most mundane characters and costumes — such as an ideal vampire or schoolgirl — to the next level, adding unique twists to personalize their look.

Most of the time, this party crowd attends multiple Halloween parties in one weekend, giving double or triple the motivation to DIY a costume at home. And they use their fashion connections to enhance their outfits, whether they collaborate with a latex designer or borrow intricately crafted accessories to bring their looks to life.

From Martha Hunt’s ’90s pop culture moment to Angelina Jolie’s Lisa from “Girl, Interrupted” to Taylor Hill’s grandfatherly look, complete with corduroy and an argyle sweater, here are tons of outfits you can put together with pieces you already have in your closet. Got it. And for the rest — consider Kendall Jenner’s cotton-candy-pink fembot or Gigi’s Sandy from “Grease,” for example — you just have to get creative with glam beauty to overemphasize your intended statement.

Ahead, find examples of 21 supermodels who consistently achieve a well-thought-out Halloween outfit year after year, then check out these slightly more appropriate outfits for the office or casual wear, if you want to avoid the cold and prioritize comfort.

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