Megan Thi Stallion wears a Mughal ombre miniskirt set

The 2022 Billboard Music Awards featured Megan Thi Stallion’s costume style and style. Mugler’s two-piece set was made with an ombre bralette with a stiff plastic halter and a matching skirt of the same gradient fabric with a hip cutout that has minimal crystal details.

Although the look itself was simple and stunning, the light weight train mounted on it was made for a royal addition. The artist throws the fabric in the air while walking on the red carpet, lets it spin behind him and chooses an otherwise underestimated fashion that is much more glamorous. Her long, pin-straight hair, and smoky-brown eye makeup reinforced ethereal aesthetics. She finished the look with open toe stilettos, a heavy crystal bracelet and a delicate black ring that enhanced the shine of her nails.

It was a big night for Megan Thi Stallion as she won the Top Rap Female Artist Award for the second year in a row and debuted on her Billboard Performance. This past week alone, she has been promoting her new song “Plan B”, a full day was held in her honor, and she attended the Met Gala in Moshino.

Up front, see how Megan Thi Stallion’s complete appearance was transformed into a mogul’s catsuit with sheer panels and patent leather lace-up boots for her performance before the show.

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