Megan Fox wears a neon-green thong on vacation


Image source: Instagram user MeganFox

Megan Fox and fiance Machine Gun Kelly are currently on vacation in an undisclosed tropical destination, and Fox is using the picturesque backdrop to put her stylish resort wear in the spotlight. In a selfie of the two, Fox wears a knitted sunhat and a neon-pink barbeque string bikini. Keeping the vibrant colors in play, Fox then slipped into a bright neon-green thong. She shared a photo of herself from behind, revealing a classic straw sunhat as her headwear of choice.

In the picture, Fox can be seen looking out to sea from her vantage point, which looks like a private pool. Her Western-inspired sunhat complements her long, black hair, which falls in the water below. Although her bikini top is barely visible, the thong-style bottom is fully visible. Fox omitted a caption, but it’s possible her husband was the photographer.

While Labor Day has come and gone, Fox’s latest holiday snapshot proves that summer is not Technically The end – at least not yet. And with these dreamy poolside scenes, she showcased one of the hottest swimwear trends of the season: everything neon and day-glow. Fox is no stranger to sporting bright colors. In July, she stepped out in a bright-green highlighter-inspired bra top and trouser set reminiscent of her latest neon bikini choice.

Fashion-forward celebrities are all about bold colors these days. For example, Vanessa Hudgens recently wore her neon-green and turquoise string bikini on vacation in Italy. And, of course, Elle Woods-approved, bright-pink ensembles have been a street style favorite for both day and night of late.

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