Megan Fox has cut a hole in her jumpsuit, so she can have sex

Megan Fox had quite an evening after the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. During the celebration of Machine Kun Kelly’s romantic “Twin Flame” performance, where he referred to Fox as his “wife”, the costume was changed a lot, but the latter, in particular, is making headlines.

Fox, who works with stylist Maive Reilly, ended the night in a blue glass-covered jumpsuit with a submerged neckline that she apparently cut off from the crotch so she and MG could have sex. Fox posted a screenshot of his text exchange with Riley, asking if the design he tweaked was expensive, to which Riley replied, “I hate you. I’ll fix it.”

Megan’s glitter, Arctic blue catsuit combines well with MGK’s wired afterparty ensemble, an Arctic blue knit sweater vest and rows of pearls. Fox shared a photo of the couple shaking hands at the event and posing in their hotel room. Just a few hours ago, Fox and MGK walked the red carpet in a cohesive look at David Coma and Dolls & Gabbana, respectively. MGK’s combination complements the rhinestones and spikes sequins that line the floral appliquসে of Fox’s opera-length gloves. Throughout the period of their title-grabbing, whirlwind romance, they are consistently in sync with fashion. Riley shared a bathroom selfie of herself and Fox wearing a gold complimentary look (which probably came between the awards ceremony and the after party).

On the front, watch Fox and MGK show off their azure-blue outfits, which may or may not be reusable at the moment.

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