Megan Fox and MGK’s pink outfit at the Life in Pink premiere

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Megan Fox and machine gun Kelly hit the red carpet for the June 27 premiere of “Life in Pink,” a Hulu documentary that follows MGK’s life and career as a musician. The engaged couple was in theme and in sync as usual, wearing a bubblegum-pink look integrated with their usual provocative style, complete with hair color.

Styled by Maeve Reilly, Fox wore a pink two-tone minidress from Albanian designer Nensi Dojaka, featuring asymmetrical straps and cutouts that became the actor’s signature “Until Death”. From her hair and nails to her pedicure and strappy heels, Fox wore pink, quite literally, from head to toe.

MGK, on ​​the other hand, has opted for a little more change. She wore a pink-and-blue ribbed macaque from Chat Lowe, cropped to show off her belly tattoos, complete with white belt trousers with chain details. When the artist chose white sneakers as footwear, she went for the play with her jewelry choices, which included a pearl necklace, a stack of pearl bracelets and a collection of silver rings.

With so many couple style moments under their belts, this isn’t the first time the two have met in pink. For the “Good Morning” premiere in May, the pair wore different shades of color on the red carpet, with Fox in a blush column gown, rhinestones and Kelly in a fuchsia tuxedo covered in a red rose print. Since their public debut in late 2020, their outfits have continued to make headlines on casual date nights and appearances on the splashy red carpet. See their latest in front.

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