Mad Love Marnie Jelly Slide Hill Editor Review

In this week’s episode of products that TikTok inevitably inspires me to buy, I’m talking about jelly slide heels — more specifically, Target’s new Mad Love Marnie Jelly Slide Heel ($30), which has not only taken social media by storm but found a permanent spot in my closet. .

You’ve probably seen a lot of undeniably chic jelly slide heels all over your TikTok feed over the past few months, often from today’s top designer brands. Amid the resurgence of the ’90s fashion trend and the array of celebrities who’ve embraced the jelly shoe of late, the poly pocket-esque style has been on the rise — and courtesy of a good fall trend forecast. The latest barbecue obsession.

Although I was tempted to invest in a pair of jelly sandals of my own, I was much less interested in the significantly higher price points of many popular styles. Then, TikTok (Gen Z’s crystal ball for fashion trends) told me about the perfect jelly-slide dupe from my retailer, Target. A perfect replica of the $30 style for approx They are The famous jelly slide heel. And when I found out they were available to shop in three chic colorways (bonus!), I panicked and headed to Target before they sold out and knew I had to check out the shoes for myself.

Keep reading for my honest thoughts on these stylish, jelly-slide-heel dupes from Target.

What I love about these jelly slide heels

The short answer is that I just love a good cheater. And after months of searching for an affordable jelly slide heel that could compete with TikTok’s designer style, I’m happy to report.

Long answer, though, I actually have very few things no Like about these jelly sandals. The chic style features a square-toe design, which helps give the shoe a more statement-making structure. Since the sandal is made from a plastic, rubber-like material rather than any kind of fabric composition, they’re also very easy to keep clean, giving me hope that they’ll be a staple shoe in my closet for years to come.

And perhaps best of all: that price point. For only $30, I can wear one of the hottest shoes of the season And Stock up on it in multiple colors, (because of course the patent black style ($30) is already on my radar).

What do these jelly slide shoes look like?

When people hear the word “jelly” in a product name, they may imagine a super-plush or squishy feeling. I’ll be the first to admit, that’s not the case with Target’s new Jelly Slide Heels — or really any other jelly shoe. This particular style is made from a plastic, rubber-like composition that is very dense and actually creates a more hard-shell structure. It certainly doesn’t have the same bounce-back qualities as real jelly, but it’s still very comfortable.

Given how unique the outsole is, I had my doubts as to whether I could even make these shoes work for all-day wear. But so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. From running errands on the weekends to enjoying late night dinners with my girlfriends and even going out on a few day trips, these jelly slides have already proven that they can provide enough support and comfort, even on my longest days out of the house.

A few other reviewers recommend buying at least a half size up, as the style is on the wider side. I personally bought the shoes in my normal size and they fit perfectly, but if you have narrower feet, these are definitely something to consider when buying jelly sandals.

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Who is this jelly slide heel best for?

These sandals are perfect for anyone looking to tap into one of the season’s biggest shoe trends without spending a ton of money on the product. I love experimenting with new fashion fads as much as the next person, but I don’t want to splurge on a style that I’m not entirely sure will still be relevant next season. The great thing about these jelly slides is that you can embrace the fun of a revived shoe style while it’s still fresh and avoid any added guilt after the purchase due to its $30 price tag.

Also, the shoe provides versatility in many styles. I just wear them religiously with a classic white t-shirt and my go-to denim for a more relaxed, daytime look. Slides also pair nicely with many other transitional styles in my closet, like midi dresses, skirts, and even a few jumpsuits.

Where can these jelly hill slides be found?

Mad Love Marnie Jelly Slide Heels are available to shop at Target ($30).

Additional information

  • Target’s Jelly Sandals are available in US shoe sizes five through 12.
  • Unlike other, more recognizable Jelly Hill slides, this target style is made from recycled materials — making it eco-friendly. And beautiful
  • These jelly heel slides are available in different colors including light pink, black and cream.


Photo credit: Popsugar Photography / Kylie Warren

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