Laurie Harvey styles a white bra with a vintage leopard skirt

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Laurie Harvey attends KNC Beauty founder Kristen Noel Crowley’s baby shower on Sunday, June 5, where she has her signature luxury fashion look. Harvey, who recently met actor Michael B. after dating for more than a year. Separated from Jordan, the occasion chose a vintage low-slang, animal-print Roberto Cavalli skirt, made with a white contour Joah Brown bra that put full spotlight on her curved and textured leopard pattern.

Roberto Cavalli skirt and contour bra combo were not the only part of Harvey. Skn by the LH founder topped it with a vintage gold dior choker adorned with a round brooch and geometric pendants attached to a delicate chain to create a waterfall effect. The necklace formed the structure of the rest of her jewelry, including a watch, a trio of bracelets and oversized hoop earrings. Harvey ends the orgasm with Tom Ford’s toe nude sandals that come with a sharp metal spike and an embossed padlock on the ankle strap. She poses for photos with Justin Sky and Crowley, who wrapped a pink satin prada dress around her belly with a floor-skimming train.

Harvey is no stranger to mixing animal graphics to his outfit, recently Rick Owens styled LBD with a Zebra Gucci shoulder bag. He owns Bottega Veneta’s zebra pouch and matching square-toe stretch heels. When her ex Jordan took part in the NBA Finals on Sunday, the 25-year-old entrepreneur (who was recently criticized for her unhealthy comments about dieting) continued her fashion reign with friends beside her.

At the front, look at a few more corners of Harvey’s collection, then buy her the right top and shoes and a similar skirt.

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