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Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! I am posting some of my recent spring receipts and what I ordered and wanted to share was the most favorite aka best-seller last month. Here is a roundup of the top 10 of February from travel favorites, swimwear, home organization and everyday basics.

Details: Gray Sweatpants | Green oversized sweater | | Rib black bikini | Fruit / Vegetable Drawers | Tan Air Jordan | Confirmation Wall Art | Scooter luggage Levi denim jeans | Black Crop Top Set | Annie Bing Sweatshirt

1. Gray sweatpants (under $ 30 – size M)

My favorite sweatpants that carried from winter to spring! They are under $ 30 and to me they are in multiple colors. I sized to medium for a slightly loose fit. This sweat has been the best seller month after month!

2. Confirmation Wall Art (under $ 10)

Recently bought this confirmation wall art from Etsy for our office and I love it! I super at green at the moment and like that it adds a subtle pop of color to our most neutral office decor. I’m glad it was a bestseller and you liked it too It was under 10 and I bought the digital version and printed it out, so easy!

3. Black Bikini (Under $ 30 – Size S)

I recently got this black bikini for our trip to Mexico and I like it a lot, I also have it brown. There is an underwear on the top so it has good support and prefers one shoulder detail. It’s under $ 30 and I’m wearing a smaller size here.

4. Fruit / Vegetable Drawers (2 sets below $ 40)

One of my goals at the start of the new year was to organize our fridges so I got to store these clean fridge drawers to store washed fruits and vegetables to give kids some healthy snack options. A set of two is under 40 and it takes about 15 seconds to install!

5. Black Crop Top Set (Below 25 – Size S)

This black tie top comes in a set with matching shorts for less than 25 and I love how y0u can blend and match the pieces. On a trip to Hawaii I wore a top with jeans – it’s very comfortable and I’m wearing a small size here. I will definitely be wearing a ton of it this summer!

6. Scooter luggage

This scooter suitcase was such a good find! When we have a long vacation they entertain the kids at the airport and help make the whole travel process more fun for them. Part of the suitcase can be attached and disconnected from the scooter’s wheel base and can even be folded into a regular wheeler suitcase. It’s definitely a splurge but I like how the kids can use the scooter part alone when we get back home.

7. Green oversized sweater (under $ 30 – size L)

This sweater is the favorite and best selling of all time, I shared a ton white version of this oversized sweater and wanted to get a new color for it for spring. I love this green color! I’m wearing a big size dress here – it’s very nice with jeans and I plan to wear it with denim shorts if it rolls around in the summer. It comes in a ton more colors and I recently ordered blue.

8. Levi denim jeans (selling below $ 100 – size 26)

Sales alert! I wear these levi jeans all the time and at the moment they are currently selling for less than 100. I like loose fit and blur wash and are very comfortable for everyday wear. I’ve made and bought 26 of these sizes but if you don’t want loose as a fit I’ll go with your regular size.

9. Tan Air Jordan

I’m obsessed with these neutral Air Jordanians. I wear them with loungewear and dresser outfits – they look great with lots of outfits! Definitely one of my favorite purchases from this year.

10. Annie Bing Sweatshirt

I thought this graphic sweatshirt was so cute when I saw it, I would wear it with jeans or an extra workout set to get the job done – it’s so comfortable! If you want a larger size fit I will order a few sizes (wearing smaller sizes here.)

Which February best-seller was your favorite?

xx, Christine

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